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  Title || Director || Genre /\ Manufacturer || Type || Discs || Notes
  Robocop Paul Verhoeven Action Criterion DVD 1
  Die Another Day Lee Tamahori Action MGM DVD 2 James Bond
  Golgo 13 * Junya Sato Action BCI DVD 1 Sonny Chiba Collection
  The Bodyguard * Simon Nuchtern Action BCI DVD 1 Also includes Sister Street Fighter Sonny Chiba C
  Dragon Princess * Yataka Kodaira Action BCI DVD 1 Also includes Karate Warriors Sonny Chiba Collect
  Lethal Weapon * Richard Donner Action Warner Brothers Blu-Ray 1 Best of Warner Brothers 50 Film Box
  The Bourne Ultimatum Paul Greengrass Action Universal DVD 1
  Commando Mark L. Lester Action Fox DVD 1
  Speed Jan De Bont Action Fox DVD 1 first DVD release
  The Killer John Woo Action Criterion DVD 1
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